Melograna: The New LA Exclusive Wine Platform for your events

Melograna: The New LA Exclusive Wine Platform for your events

Are you planning a big event with friends? Wondering which wine to get?
Melograna has created easy-to-follow steps to make your event planning easier.

Follow these 3 steps to find the best wine for your party:

Budget: Every event's needs are different. While you can't go wrong with a bottle of champagne, wine also needs to be on the menu.  It's important to know your event budget so you can buy wines accordingly. If you are planning an open bar, you may want to have a red and white selection for guests to pour themselves. If there's wine and beer, you'll need a less expensive red or white, maybe a natural funky wine that guests can drink more often and can blend easily with wine and beer lovers. If there's just wine, Melograna has plenty of unique bottles to choose from in any price range. If your budget is narrow, we suggest having 2-3 types of wine choices from our "Vino Del Giorno" selection, where you will find the best and most loved winemakers for every occasion. If you have a broader budget, we suggest you choose 2 reds, 1 special wine, and 1 white and you should be in the safe zone, for both vine chic guests and more informal friends.

Menu and Food: There's no denying that the old adage of red wine and steak and white wine and chicken is outdated. Instead, focus on balance. Heartier foods go well with heavier wines like lamb chops or chicken marsala, and light fish like cod or branzino goes nicely with a crisp fresh Grenache Blanch. You can estimate the weight of your food with just three things, the fat of the food, the cooking method, and the seasonings. And when it comes to wine, there are three things you need to take into account when estimating the weight, the alcohol content, the color, and the grape. If you have a lot of any of these three things, your wine will be full-bodied (like a good Sangiovese or a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Red Blend).

Focus on the Experience: Wines, wines, wines! The opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines is the point of a lot of our dining out adventures, don't you think? And for a sophisticated affair, a different wine for each course can elevate the experience. Ask us to pair each course with a different wine that complements each other. Think wines local to your region or offer a global variety based on your menu selections, we have both. Your guests will be immersed in a true gastronomic experience.

Still not sure on what to choose? Ask us to make the best selection within your budget and we will give you a special event discount here!

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