Why natural wine is better for you: 4 reasons to choose Melograna

Why natural wine is better for you: 4 reasons to choose Melograna

Wine has been with us throughout history and it has the same characteristics in the present day as it did many years ago. Natural wine, or biodynamic wine, is something that was not even heard of until recently and it has definitely found its place in today’s market. Not only do they taste amazing but natural wines also have great health benefits and you won’t experience the hangover that you would with an average bottle of wine. Melograna will show you why natural wine is better for you and how you can tell if your bottle of wine is truly natural or not.

1) Sulfite Sensitivity

Wine contains naturally occurring sulfites. Because sulfur dioxide is released as a natural byproduct of the fermentation process during winemaking, it's impossible to have a 100% non-sulfite wine. However, you can find wines with no added sulfites (aka lab-created, synthetic sulfites) out thereWhile some people are more sensitive to sulfites than others, there’s also some confusion about what sulfites are. Basically, sulfites are preservatives used by winemakers to prevent certain fermentation processes from occurring. To learn more about sulfite sensitivity and how it affects people of all ages, check out this info page on sulfur dioxide here. 

2) Purity

Natural wine contains fewer additives, such as sugar and sulfites. The less stuff in your glass, generally speaking, the more pure it can be said to be. Other words used to describe these types of wines are organic and biodynamic; these terms can help narrow down what kind of wine you’re looking for. Natural wines are nothing but pure grape juice. They haven’t been chaptalized (artificially sweetened) or filtered to alter their flavor profile. Rather, they capture all of nature’s intended flavors with little (or no) intervention on the winemaker part.

3) Taste Better

Because many organic and biodynamic wines do not use sulfites, they’re often less acidic and can pair with a lot of different meals. But because of their livelier flavors, they also tend to be more fun to drink—no splitting headaches or weird feelings like after a few bottles of normal wine. Once you start drinking natural wines, it’s hard to go back!

4) No Next Day Headaches

Headaches are no fun. And one common culprit in triggering headaches when drinking wines is sulfites. They’re added to wines to protect them from oxidation, but too much can make it hard for some people to drink—or even stand—sulfite-rich wines. So if headaches are an issue when you’re enjoying a glass of vino, your best bet may be opting for a naturally produced wine that contains far fewer sulfites than commercial wines.

Still not convinced? Take a taste of our wines and experience the difference here!


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