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Chianti Classico - Le Corti

Chianti Classico - Le Corti

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Experience the rich, bold flavors of Chianti Classico with Le Corti, a top-rated Chianti wine hailing from the renowned San Casciano in the Val di Pesa region of Italy. 

Wine Style: Red Wine
Grapes: Organic grapes 95% Sangiovese 5% Colorino
Body: Medium 
Sweetness: Bold and Tannic 
Alcohol: 14%
Winemaking: aged in cement vats for 12 months.
Year: 2019
0.75 lt.
Discover the exceptional taste of the latest vintage of Chianti Classico Le Corti, made with a meticulous selection of the finest Sangiovese grapes grown in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Italy. 
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