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Dow's Porto Fine Tawny

Dow's Porto Fine Tawny

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Dow's Porto Fine Tawny presents an exceptional entry-level Port that delivers incredible value for every wine enthusiast. With its bright and inviting citrus, caramel, and almond flavors, this Tawny Port captivates the palate with its harmonious balance.

Style: Fortified Wine
Region: Douro Valley of Portugal
Grapes: Blend of classic Portuguese grape varieties
Sweetness: Medium-Sweet
Alcohol: 19%
    The drier finish characteristic of Dow's Ports adds an elegant touch, making it a delightful choice for those seeking a refined and accessible Port experience. After an average of three years of cask aging, Dow's Tawny is bottled and sealed with a convenient t-cap closure, eliminating the need for a corkscrew. This feature ensures that the wine stays fresh for four to six months, making it perfect for leisurely enjoyment. Pour this delightful Tawny into a glass with a generous six-ounce capacity to fully appreciate its inviting aromas. Dow's Porto Fine Tawny pairs wonderfully with soft-ripened cheeses, flan, or fruit tarts, offering a scrumptious dessert option that can also be served chilled during warmer months for a refreshing and indulgent treat.
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