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    Gekkeikan Junmai Sake

    Gekkeikan Junmai Sake

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    Unveil the essence of Gekkeikan's tradition with Gekkeikan Sake. As the world's most renowned Junmai-shu, it's a testament to 370 years and 14 generations of sake brewing expertise. It epitomizes the distinctive Gekkeikan style, harmoniously merging heritage and innovation.

    • Style: Junmai

    • Tasting Notes: Herbaceous, grapefruit, light earthiness
    • Body: Good acidity, mineral driven, well-balanced

    • 15.6% Alcohol Vol

    • 750ml Bottle

    Aromatic Intricacies: Delight in the gentle herbaceous aroma that intertwines with delicate notes of grapefruit, accompanied by a subtle earthiness that gracefully meets the nose.

    A Journey of Flavors: Experience a remarkable interplay of flavors as mineral-driven acidity takes center stage, guiding fading citrus notes towards a clean and satisfying finish. Each sip encapsulates the artistry of sake-making that's been perfected over generations.

    Founded in Excellence: Gekkeikan's legacy traces back to its founder, Jiemon Okura, who established a sake brewery in Fushimi, renowned for its pristine water source. This advantageous location, paired with the finest ingredients, has been instrumental in upholding the Gekkeikan legacy of taste and quality.

    A Taste that Transcends Time: Gekkeikan Japan and Gekkeikan USA, dedicated to maintaining the founder's passion, continue to cultivate a tradition that bridges centuries. With Gekkeikan Sake, you're invited to partake in this journey of taste, a heritage that's carried through every bottle.

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