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Giacomo Borgogno Langhe Era Ora Riesling

Giacomo Borgogno Langhe Era Ora Riesling

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Giacomo Borgogno Langhe Era Ora Riesling: A Diverse Culinary Journey in a Bottle. 

Wine Style: White Wine
Grapes: Riesling Renano
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Medium-sweet
Alcohol: 12.5%
Winemaking: 100% stainless steel fermented
Year: 2020
Discover the Giacomo Borgogno Langhe Era Ora Riesling—an exquisite wine originating from the Madonna di Como vineyards in Alba. With its straw-yellow hue and greenish reflections, this Riesling boasts a semi-aromatic bouquet, exuding fragrances of yellow fruits, blossoms, and a pronounced mineral essence that matures gracefully in the bottle. On the palate, it offers a refreshing and vertical profile, presenting a crisp texture that delights the senses. Perfectly suited for an array of culinary adventures, from seafood delicacies like marinated tuna and lobster to regional specialties like Alsace's choucroute and Louisiana's Cajun cuisine, this Riesling elevates each dish with its crisp and versatile nature, promising a diverse and tantalizing gastronomic experience.
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