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    Akita Shurui

    Shimizu-No-Mai Pure Dawn Junmai Ginjo Sake

    Shimizu-No-Mai Pure Dawn Junmai Ginjo Sake

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    Shimizu-No-Mai 'Pure Dawn' Junmai Ginjo Sake enchants the senses with its radiant clarity. Upon the first encounter, delicate hints of orange peel intertwine with light floral notes, accompanied by an underlying minerality that adds depth to its character.

    • Style: Junmai Ginjo

    • Tasting Notes: Orange peel, pear and Fuji apple 
    • Body: Well-structured and light floral

    • 15.5% Alcohol Vol

    • 720ml Bottle

    Embark on a journey through a symphony of flavors. Fresh and well-structured, this sake gently reveals subtle notes of pear and Fuji apple, adding a touch of natural sweetness. As each sip graces your palate, you'll experience a creamy mouthfeel that culminates in a soft-sweet to dry finish, leaving a lasting impression that lingers.

    Shimizu-No-Mai 'Pure Dawn' is a culmination of history and expertise. Crafted by a historic brewery in Akita, Japan, with roots dating back to 1656, it embodies the legacy of generations. The toji, or sake master-brewer, brings forth unparalleled knowledge to each bottle, ensuring that tradition and innovation harmonize flawlessly.

    The foundation of this luxury sake lies in the pristine water sourced from the confluence of three rivers, carrying the pure essence of cold mountain waters. This element infuses Shimizu-No-Mai 'Pure Dawn' with a unique character that defines its elegance.

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